Our expertise

Since 1984, we have supported our various customers across the American and European continents in the development and manufacture of their ranges of leather goods.

Our workshop is divided into two specializations:
  • The meticulous know-how of small leather goods.
  • The ability to think and make leather goods such as bags, cases, suitcases, etc.

Our support

Know our customers

On a first step, we always take the time to understand the brand identity of our customers. Knowing their story, their customers and what they have been offering to them. But above all, understand the vision our customers have for their brand development.

Shaping the future

On a second step, we work hand in hand with our customers to define the references they wish to launch in production, bringing them all our knowledge.

This step of the project is related as much to the design, as to the raw materials, the functionality of the products.

When the sourcing is finalized, and our customer agree on all the aspects of the future product, we launch samples.


The production

Once manufactured, we study the samples from every angle. We pay particular attention to all possible improvements in order to make the product always more functional and aligned with our customers’s expectations.

Exportation / importation

Our company counts on a certificate of origin allowing the exemption of customs fees thanks to agreements between Colombia and certain regions of the world (United States, Europe, …).

No matter where our customers are based, we are able to support them with all the importation.

We are able to manage this last step of our project for our customers.

The different steps of production

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